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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Short Sales are getting shorter

Finally we may see relief from the length of time it takes to
get a Short Sale Approved. Just this week I was contacted by
Bank of America to start my next Temecula and Murrieta short sales
through a system called ReoTrans. I have already started doing this
and the goal is to cut all the clutter and back and forth emails and
calls we as short sale agents have to make each week.The system allows us to
respond to the banks request for documents which we can then upload directly
to the bank and see the progress of the short sale. The end result I hope is
that we will truly see a shorter short sale.If your bank is telling you to
contact a Short Sale agent contact me I will take care of your sale in the
most professional way and at NO fee whatsoever to you. I have 16+ years getting
short sales approved for my clients.

If you think its expensive to hire a professional,wait till you hire an amateur.

At Your Service & never a fee,
Sidney Kutchuk,

Short Sale Specialist
DRE#01156692 (951)215-6745

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Temecula Short Sale approval letters

Well it happen again today.

After working 3 months on getting a Short Sale Approval

for one of my clients I call the buyers agent with the good

news and BAM! Guess what? The buyer is gone! Yes he has

purchased another home. Getting a Temecula Short Sale approved

it a lot of work and during the process I keep all parties updated

and still this is the biggest problem I and other agents face. Keeping the buyers in the deal. 90+ day is just to long for many buyers to hang around the hear if a bank is going to approve the Short Sale. However the good news is Banks have started to streamline the process and we may soon see the process only take 30 days or less. In the mean time I now have a great approved

Temecula Short Sale that will sell instantly now that its approved.
If you need info on doing a Short Sale or your lender has told you to find a Short Sale Agent please call or email me. With over 16+ years doing short sales I am a Short Sale Specialist and my service to you is FREE never a charge. I get paid by your lender to offer you this FREE service. Direct #(951) 217-6745 or