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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

temecula short sale specialist

Temecula Homeowners that have been denied a Loan Mod, Read this....

OK you tried to modify your loan and were given a major run around, you have no equity left. Whats to do?
Its reality time,your going to have to move, face foreclosure or short sale your home.

Having been denied a loan Mod now qualifies you for a short sale under the new Federal HAFA Guidelines.
Your bank will save money allowing you to short sale your home, and you can save your credit. Plus with many lenders you now can be paid a small relocation fee of $1,500.00

I have helped many Temecula home owners with their short sale and I can help you.
First question I get asked is whats it going to cost me. I get the job done a no charge to you.
Under the Federal HAFA guidlines your lender will pay my fee,you are not charged the commissions to sell your home via the short sale. So why not hire the best. I am a short sale specialist.

at your service,

Sidney Kutchuk AKA...Cyber Sid
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