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Monday, May 17, 2010

Short Sale or Bankruptcy - Sniper or Atom Bomb!

I have been asked my opinion by clients: should we just do a bankruptcy?
Which is better? A short Sale, a BK or Foreclosure? Many clients state that lawyers are telling them that the bankruptcy is the best option. I also hear some lawyers say Foreclosure is better option. There is no pat answer or one size fits all. But to find the answer to this question I say follow the money trail. (Clue) Is the lawyer going to charge to help you? YES!
Is a short sale specialist going to charge you for his help? NO! 
Bankruptcy is the Atom Bomb and will wipe out most all debt, but why use this powerful weapon first?! Send in a sniper first to get the job done cleanly and with little drama. Save the Bankruptcy or Foreclosure as a tool of last resort!
 I 'm your sniper, highly trained to get the job done!