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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Temecula Short Sale Expert for out of area owner's

I can short sale your home by remote control.
If you have a property in the Temecula area that you need to short sale, we never even need to meet.
I can handle it all via email or fax. I am a local experienced real estate agent that has made the short sale the focus of my practice here in the Temecula area. If your property is occupied by tenants call me. I can market to investors and keep them in the property.I don't need to put up a sign or have a parade of looky loos go through the house. I know how to be low key yet get the short sale approved for you. Worried about the cost? Don't it's FREE to you!Commissions are paid by the lender in all my short sales.

I can short sale your home by remote control,just email me.
Certified  E-Pro