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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Temecula Short Sale Service

Temecula Short Sale Service.Temecula short sale Service
What is a Short Sale Service? This service is offered free to homeowner's who can not sell thier home thru the traditional medthod due to  current market pricing. A short sale may be for you. Been told you don't qualify for a loan modification? A short sale may be for you.  I am a short sale specialist and you can put my 16 years of Short Sale experence to work for you at no charge. The rules are changing in your favor to get you out from a bad mortgage. In many cases your lender will even offer you up to $3,000.00 in relocation assistance. We also have a on site property manager to assist your in securing a rental home if needed.Get the facts, no bull no presure no charge. You can click on the call me icon below and you will be connected to my direct cell phone.    
Temecula Short Sale Agent, Cyber Sid at your service,
Sidney Kutchuk  AKA...Cyber Sid      SHORT SALE AGENT
CALL ME, 951.215-6745  visit my site at >
40150 Winchester Rd #1  Temecula Calif. 92591      Fax 951.676-5682