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Friday, September 3, 2010

How to price a Short Sale Listing.

How to price a Short Sale Listing.
short sale pricingOK you have made the decision to short sale your home. Here is were you have your first disconnect.
With out the guidance of a short sale expert you would most likely overprice your home.
The goal in a short sale is to get an offer fast and one that the bank, your lender will accept.
Overprice the home and it will NOT generate an offer and your home will be foreclosed.
Underpricing the home WILL generate an offer that the bank will reject.
A Short Sale Specialist knows how to price your home for a successful short sale,not to high and not to low.
I am a Temecula Short Sale Specialist,call or email me for more details on how I price my short sale listings. 

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