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Friday, September 3, 2010

Why Reject a Short Sale offer?

Why to reject a short sale offer.
REJECTDon't get to excited about your first short sale offer. It could be a dud!
A bad offer can cause your home to go into foreclosure.
Here are a few of the things a short sale expert will look for in an offer....
Is the buyer an investor? Beware an investor has no tie to your home and may drop you and buy another home that comes on the market. Having them show you proof of funds is no guarantee that the money will not be spend on other properties. There are good investor buyers & flakes. An experienced short sale specialist can filter out the flakes.
Investor or owner occupied buyer,get them to commit! Open an escrow and get them to put their good faith deposit into escrow. If they will not it's a sign of a  buyer that will flake out on you.
There are many reasons to reject an offer,just call or email me for more details on why to reject a short sale offer.

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