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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Temecula Short Sale Specialist.

Temecula Short Sale Specialist.Temecula Short Sale Expert
Here in Temecula the Short Sale is the most prevalent type of listing on the market,yet they have a higher failure rate than all other types of listings.
What is the failure rate & why do they fail?
The failure rate is more than 60%. The reasons that they fail are many.The Short Sale is a very complicated sale with many moving parts. One mis-step in the process and recovery is hard.Plus it's also race against time.While your lender/bank is processing your short sale they are also in the process of foreclosing! Like I said there are many moving parts.
If a short Sale fails the seller has few options left.If you are going to short sale your Temecula home,stack the deck in your favor and hire a Temecula short sale specialist.This is not a job for just any agent or relative.Increase your odd's of sucess and hire a certified short sale expert.It cost you no more to have the best,in fact it's FREE! Yes you should NOT be charged a fee by a Realtor to handle your Short Sale.
HAFA short sale expertPS...If you tried a loan modification and it failed or you feel it just is no longer a good deal for you. You can switch gears and go for a short sale.Via the HAFA short sale program you will be paid  $3,000.00 at the close of escrow