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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Should you answer your phone when the collectors call?

Should you answer the phone when the collectors call? 
Phone callsMost of my short sale clients get daily phone calls from their lenders collections departments.
These people are good at punching my sellers buttons and playing to all their emotions.
I am often asked by my short sale clients "should I even answer all these collection calls"
I explain to them that the calls will continue until I get their short sale package approved and I give them
the following advice and their own script to fire back with,it goes like this.....
Answer the phone,cut the collector short,tell them that you have retained the services of a short sale specialist. State that my short sale specialist has written permission to speak on my behalf and has a special direct line just for you Mr. collector to call! Guess how many calls I get? Try ZERO.But my clients get empowered by this & no longer ignore the collection calls and face them head on.   

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