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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Temecula Short Sale Expert,Short Sale Specialist,Short Sale Agent

Temecula Short Sale Specialist,Expert,Agent. 

Temecula short sale specialist
Which one is it? In my blogs I will call myself a Short Sale Specialist one day and the next blog I will be a Temecula Short Sale Agent then a Short Sale Expert. Well I like to cover all bases. I am even a HAFA Certified Short sale agent. I wear all these badges as I continue to study and learn all I can about short sales as they are a major part of our market here in Temecula.I have been doing short sales for over 16 years,way before they became the number one type of transaction in our market. But I still continue to take as many classes or workshops that I can find to keep my edge for my client that face foreclosure. So call it what you want. I am a short sale specialist,short sale expert,but most of all I want to be your short sale agent.  Call or email me. FREE short sale service,never a fee to help you with a short sale.

Temecula Short Sale Agent, Cyber Sid at your service,
Sidney Kutchuk  AKA...Cyber Sid      SHORT SALE AGENT
CALL ME, 951.215-6745 cell