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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I can not believe this.

I can't believe this!!
I am trying to close a sale today with CHASE,they will be PAID IN FULL!
No short sale,PAID IN FULL, including all late fee's,attorney fee's,and foreclosure fee,s.Pulling Hair
This home will go into foreclosure if not closed by the 23rd of this month. 
We go to close today and the title company will not accept the pay off as it is not on Chase's letter head.
When a property with Chase goes into pre-foreclosure the pay off is sent to escrow by Chase's trustee which is CALIF RECONVEYANCE COMPANY. This company is owned by CHASE and they pile on the fee's. OK the fee's are not an issue,we have funds to pay all charges in the payoff demand.
It's a Mexican standoff.... Chicago Tile says we need a payoff from CHASE on their letter head... Chase says you have our payoff from CALIF RECONVEYANCE. NO one will move an inch! I have been back and forth for two days on this STUPID ISSUE. Why can't Chase just issue the pay off on their letter head? Why Can't Chicago title read the recorded document from Chase,the "Notice of Trustee's Sale" that shows Calif Reconveyance as the Trustee and authorized agent for Chase!
I thought short sale were tough,now it's getting hard to pay a bank in FULL!!!!!!!!
I can't believe this. 

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