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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Temecula Short Sale Expert

I am a Short Sale Robot.

Short Sale RobotI have a schedule that I follow most every day in order
to get my clients short sales approved. I have to 
Act like a robot.The process is to call the banks non-stop
and keep my clients files updated. I have found from experence
that if the calls are not made often,the files don't get worked on by the banks.
They will tell me to call back in 10 days to check on the file,but if I   wait that long I find that in most cases no work has been done on the file. That's why I work
like a robot and call as often as I can. The squeaky wheel does get the grease or in this case the goal a short sale approval.

 Put this robot to work for you.  Call Sidney Kutchuk 951-215-6745
Temecula Short Sale Specialist

Temecula Short Sale Agent, Cyber Sid at your service,
Sidney Kutchuk  AKA...Cyber Sid      SHORT SALE AGENT
CALL ME, 951.215-6745 cell
 41720 Winchester Rd #I  Temecula Calif. 92590      951.676-4663    DRE# 01156692