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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Temecula Short Sale Specialist,the numbers are in. Short Sales are working.

Temecula Short sale Specialist,the numbers are in. 

short saleThe latest stats show that the number of foreclosed homes has declined and the number of homes sold have increased.
These new numbers tell me that the many programs in place to get the housing market back up are working. One big factor is the short sale.

A short sale gives the homeowner an option to save a home from foreclosure. This year the U.S. Treasury will spend billions of dollars to assist homeowner's by paying them to cooperate in a short sale. The incentive of $3,000.00 or more is part of the HAFA program. HAFA stands for Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives.If you tried to modify your mortgage and it failed a HAFA short sale should be your next step to save your home from foreclosure. I saw right away that the HAFA program could be a very good thing for the many homeowner's that needed an out,but also needed help with relocation funds.

Another big plus for sellers in the HAFA short sale program is their lenders must agree to release them and not seek anshort saley deficiency after the home sells. This holds true even if there is more than one loan on the home. I have taken the time to get certified as a HAFA Short sale specialist so that I can offer my services as a Temecula short sale specialist,and at no charge to any homeowner needing to short sale their home. Do you qualify for HAFA? If not, there are other programs to help you with a short sale.I can help you and it's a FREE service.
Temecula Short sale Specialist,the numbers are in and short sales are working!




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