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Saturday, April 16, 2011

HUD homes,check them out.

HUD homes,check them out.

Are you looking for a home and find you keep writing offer after offer only to lose to an investor paying cash!
How can you compete? Loser
One solution is to have your agent show you HUD homes. These are homes that have been foreclosed upon and HUD wants to give you a hand. Here's how they are leveling the field for you......

Most all the homes for sale by HUD will have a period of time that when they hit the market only owner occupied buyers are allowed to make a bid. HUD home are sold by bid and only agents that are registered with HUD can submit a bid for you.

So check them out,here is the link to see the HUD homes for sale in your market area.

I"m a registered broker with HUD. I can help you.



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