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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to Make Your Temecula CA Rental Feel Like Home

How to Make Your Temecula CA Rental Feel Like Home

The concern of not actually feeling at home in a rented space is almost universal. Although anyone they can talk to the Temecula CA property managers on the Dos and Don’ts, renters have various considerations. For some, it’s the small space. For others, it’s the status of not owning the home. For most, it’s the lack of time or ideas.

Whatever the reason, making your Temecula CA rental feel like home should not be set aside. The simple tips below can be very useful to those planning to rent or to those already renting apartments. Remember that not owning the space doesn’t mean you can’t make it feel like home. The more comfortable you are at home, the better for you in so many ways.

Spruce up your Temecula CA rental with these wonderful tips!

1. Decide on your style
The first thing to do is to decide on your personal style inspiration. How do you want your home to look like? What color schemes do you prefer? What are your inspirations? If you haven’t heard about it, try visiting the site Pinterest where people post or pin pictures of a wide range of interests online. You can create online inspiration boards by searching and compiling posts from others. In this case, try searching for home styles suitable for your taste. You can also try the old school way of creating mood boards as a guide when you need to decide on how to decorate your space.

2. Maximize your space
No matter the size of your apartment, there’s always a way to maximize space. To make the most out of your decorating efforts, make sure to eliminate clutter and organize items beforehand. It’s a lot easier to pretty your place up if you get rid of unnecessary things. Invest in cost-effective storage solutions that won’t go against the theme you want to apply in your home. There is also a trick to fake space. As your budget permits, try to put mirrors in strategic areas of your home. Mirrors, especially large ones can make any room look more spacious.  

3. Consider sprucing up the walls
Talk to your Temecula CA property manager to know how much is allowable in this area. If you’re lucky enough and the owner of your Temecula CA rental allows you to paint walls, then by all means paint away. Painting a wall is a basic change that can instantly freshen up a home. What’s more is that your choice of color can reflect your personal style. But if you cannot paint the walls, do not despair. There are tons and tons of commercially available removable wallpaper that come in different colors and designs.  

Have your personal style reflected in your Temecula CA rental with these great tips!

4. Try lamp light
A little light can do so much when it comes to making a place, even a rental one, look homier. You don’t need to get rid of your overhead light, but it’s good to invest in pretty lamps that go with the style of your home. Try visiting thrift shops or yard sales and you might find a good lamp that just needs a little love. Turn your lamp on and see how it can change the mood of your evening and the ambiance of your house.

5. Add decorative pieces
Once you’ve decided on a style you want your home, experiment on decorative pieces that can lighten up your home. For instance, you can add indoor plants or flowers in a vase. If you have more time in your hands, you can try creating your own artwork. You’ll be surprised how an old frame and a canvass or a blown up picture liven up a room.

Renting should not be an excuse to not make your Temecula CA rental feel like home. Talk to your Temecula CA property managers to check the limitations applied in your rented home. Then try these tips and dedicate a weekend or two to accomplish these little improvements. Don’t forget to put your improvements to test and reward yourself with a nice, relaxing evening at your home after you’re all done. See how the change affects your home’s general ambiance.

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