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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How to Make your Murrieta CA Rentals More Appealing To Tenants

How to Make your Murrieta CA Rentals More Appealing To Tenants


Renters have many things to consider when choosing an apartment. If you want to make your Murrieta CA rentals more appealing to tenants, enlisting the expert help of a Murrieta CAproperty manager. Marketing your home will be taken care of. As a landlord, there are also a few things you can do to make your investment more attractive to more tenants. Don’t miss these to dos to help you invite more interested renters. 
Attract more tenants by making your Murrieta CA home for rent appealing.

1. Emphasize selling points

Knowing what elements in your Murrieta CA rentals are attractive to most tenants is a must. Sometimes, it all boils down to location. If your property can boast a short distance from the mall, schools, parks, coffee shop, and other important establishments, it will probably be attractive to most renters. If not, there must be certain aspects of your home that can make it worthy to be checked. New interiors, the parking space, or the large storage, make sure to know the top selling points of your home and use it when you advertise in order to attract more renters. Talking to your Murrieta CA property manager can also enlighten you on these things since they are more familiar with what most renters want.

2. Touch up the exterior

According to surveys, one of the most common ways tenants found their current homes is by driving by. So it is important that your Murrieta CA rentals look good on the outside. After all, first impression counts, if not lasts. Cleaning is the most obvious way to do this. Remove obstacles that would block the good view of your property. Tidy up the yard if it has one and make sure that the mowing, raking, and watering are tackled, especially this summer time. Remember that if they don’t like what they see outside, there will hardly be any chance that they will want to see what’s inside your property.

3. Get rid of clutter

The point of potential tenants viewing your home for rent is for them to visualize themselves living in there. It would be difficult to do that if the place is untidy and if there are just too many things taking up all the spaces. To avoid this, remove clutters like boxes, tools, office supplies and other unnecessary furniture that might just be crowding the rooms. It might help create an illusion of space if the rooms have light colored paints and an open floor plan.

4. Improve the interior

After making sure that your Murrieta CA rental is free from clutter, try to invest in little home improvement projects that will increase the value of your home and make it more inviting. For instance, changing curtains to more neutral colors, adding a vase of flowers in the living room, or updating the lights in each room. These little touches here and there can work together to create a better appeal for your home. Talk to your Murrieta CA property manager and ask for advice on what improvements can be done in your home to attract more tenants.

5. Take care of needed repairs

No matter how pretty a home is, having damage that require repairs or renovation can turn tenants off. So make it a habit to inspect you Murrieta CA rentals for needed repairs. Spot leaks, clogs, and broken items. Check the doors, windows, ceiling, wall, and floor. Attend to these things before thinking of advertising your property. Having a worry free rental with appliances in perfect working condition is always attractive.

To attract more tenants for your Murrieta CA rentals, do not underestimate the power of cleaning, sprucing up, and repairs. Know what tenants in your local area look for by asking advice from your Murrieta CA property manager today.

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