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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Top 4 Foolproof Tips To Get Your Security Deposit Back

Top 4 Foolproof Tips To Get Your Security Deposit Back

As a renter of a Temecula CA home for rent, it is important that you understand how security deposits work and what you need to do to make sure that you get it back.  A security deposit is the amount of money you have to pay (different from your rent) which Temecula CA property managers or landlords set aside usually in a non-interest account. This is used when you cause damage to the property for repairs that need to be done. 
These helpful tips will make sure you'll get your security deposit back.
Normally, it should be easy to get your money back. A couple of recent surveys showed that a good number of renters actually don’t get their security deposits back. Avoid that from happening to you by following the 4 reliable tips below.

Understand your rights and the lease
The law plays a very important part in your renting years. Do not take it lightly. When it comes to security deposits, most states have laws requiring landlords to give tenants a complete damage assessment which will show how much of the deposit amount is needed for repairs. Make sure you understand your right as a renter.

Sometimes, renters do not remember the exact terms of the contract. They change areas of the property that end up being considered as damage to the property. To avoid losing your security deposit because you disobeyed a rule, review your contract and refer to it whenever you are about to make changes in the home.

Check and record
When you move in to your Temecula CA home for rent for the first time, take time to check it and record the status of the house. With smartphones and video cameras easily accessible, you can take photos or videos of the home and document it. It’s not such a difficult thing to do, and it can save you from losing your security deposit over damage that was already there in the first place.

Discuss whatever you find with the Temecula property managers or landlords. Normally, they will deal with needed repairs as soon as possible.

Keep the rental in order
This might be the most important thing you can do to ensure that you will get your security deposit back. Take good care of the home by reporting small items of damage as you notice them and have the landlord fix it. Follow up religiously if you must. What you’re avoiding is having small damage grow big because you failed to take action.

Moreover, whenever you plan on altering parts of the home, always check the contract and then run it by your Temecula CA property manager or landlord. Having it on paper is advised, so no agreements are forgotten.

Find and stick with a good landlord
Choosing a good rental home is as important as choosing a good landlord. It’s not that you have to be picky. You just need to do your homework and research the people you are dealing with. If a landlord has a Temecula property management company, you can easily search the internet for feedback and reviews. When you know you are dealing with good and professional people, it is less likely that your security deposit will be held unreasonably.

Security deposits are important for the property owner to repair the property when damage happens. Do your best not to give the Temecula CA property manager or landlord any reason to hold your security deposit by following the foolproof ways above.

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