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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Get Approved and Win Over a Landlord in 5 Simple Ways

Get Approved and Win Over a Landlord in 5 Simple Ways

When you find the perfect Temecula CA home for rent, the next challenge is to get your application approved. If you’re having trouble winning over Temecula CA property managers or landlords, this might be your lucky day. These are very simple things you can do to be considered a potentially good renter.  
Looking for a Temecula CA rental? Here are simple ways that you can do to be approved by a landlord.

1. Having good history
We are talking about two entirely different things here: Your credit history and your rental history. Both need not be perfect, but at least they have to be good. And if ever there’s something in these two you are not particularly proud of, be proactive in explaining it and how you got passed it.

Temecula CA property managers or landlords will most likely look at your credit score, so keeping it within acceptable rates (that is around 300 - 850 on most cases) is a great help when you get screened.

When it comes to rental history, be aware that landlords can actually contact your previous landlords and ask about you. Basically, paying on time and following rules will be your aces. Landlords will choose you over anyone who has been evicted because of damaging an apartment or paying late all the time. 

2. Appearing respectable
Now, I’m not asking you to wear a coat-and-tie, although being dressed in business attire would make for a good first impression. Consider your first meeting with the Temecula CA manager or landlord more like a first day at the office rather than an afternoon visiting a friend. How would you dress? Certainly not in sweatpants or an old shirt. The idea is not to play a role, but to look respectable and presentable enough that they would actually think you are a serious applicant and that you can take care of the home.

Also, remember to never be late for any of your appointments and to always ask intelligent questions whenever possible. Actively listening will help you pick up the information you need during a viewing and will prompt you to ask only those which were not discussed and you need to know. Remember that how you handle a good conversation can say a lot about you and how you will communicate as a renter.

3. Being honest about pets
Not all landlords would approve of applicants who own pets. If you happen to have one and are looking to rent a Temecula CA rental, ask about the policies that apply. Moreover, try to provide facts and evidence that your pet is not going to cause any trouble. Some people consider pet interviews for this so the landlords can meet the pet in advance. Others would simply ask your previous landlord.  If these would work, then you are safe. But if not, you have to accept the fact that the next applicant might be considered before you.

4. Scouting only for rentals within your budget
There is no greater application killer than the landlord discovering you cannot afford the rent you’re supposed to pay when you get accepted. To avoid this from happening, start your rental search by knowing exactly how much you can afford to pay. Then look for homes within your price range.

Landlords can use your annual income to know if you can pay for the rent. They divide it by 40 and usually treat that as your target rent. Do the math ahead of time while considering all possible sources of income.

5. Getting your cash ready
In most cases, you will be required to cash out even before you get the home. Application fees and deposits are among the most common things you have to be ready for. Knowing at the onset what fees will be required and having them ready anytime can help you secure your rental choice and can send a very good impression.

Getting Temecula CA property managers or landlords to approve your application is not impossible as long as you keep these things in mind. Remember that having the money to pay for the rent is not enough. They research and conduct interviews to screen the best possible tenants and determine if you satisfy their qualifications.

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