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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Top 9 Things To Do For a Smooth Temecula CA Rental Move

Top 9 Things To Do For a Smooth Temecula CA Rental Move

Moving can be overwhelming because of all the tasks you have to cover. First on the list would be to talk with your Temecula CA property manager or landlord about your decision. Here’s a summary of the most important things tenants must remember to do in order to have a smooth move. 
Do you want to be free the from stress of moving to your new Temecula CA rental? These 9 smooth moving tips will help you.

1. Decide on who will move you
There are two options for you. You can either do it yourself (and with family and friends helping you out) or hire professional movers. The latter is preferred by many because of the convenience. You can always do things yourself, although that means more work and planning. If you hire movers, you should book ahead of time (1-2 months in advance is preferred).

2. Take photos of the rooms in the new home
This is a very easy thing to do and it would lighten your burden when preparing for on moving day. After you have sealed the deal with your Temecula CA  property manager or landlord, request permission to take photos of every room.  Use these photos of  the rental as a guide on where items and boxes should go when you move. This will also save you a lot of time arranging and locating things when  you unpack.

3. Pack really early
Packing is perhaps the most tedious part of moving.  Only have a few personal items in your currenty rental then packing will be easy.  However, if you have occumulated stuff then you should set a specific time to pack and pack early. Packing early will also give you time to inspect the apartment you are leaving to see if there is damage you may have overlooked.

4. Pack based on destination
Since you already have a photo of every room of the Temecula CA home for rent, you will have a clear guide on grouping things as you pack them. Boxes and labels work wonders. Whenever appropriate, put holes on both sides of boxes to make them easier to carry. Have a ready checklist and give the movers a copy so they know where to put everything.

5. Maximize containers and boxes
As much as possible, try to lessen the number of boxes and containers you would use. That would be a useful both on moving day and when you unpack.

6. Put labels and numbers
In order to account for everything, assign labels and numbers to all of the boxes you use. Some find it effective to use color codes. Others just write straight on the boxes. Do whatever works for you.

7. Secure important documents and valuables
All documents and valuables must be with you. The last thing you want is to lose important items when you finally get to your new home.

8. Have an overnight bag
Even if you are moving just nearby, there’s no guarantee that you can finish unpacking at immediately. Have a bag to carry some toiletries, towels, and clothes for you so you can change and take a rest before tackling the rest of your to dos.

9. Empty and clean the apartment
Make sure you leave your apartment empty and in good condition. Finish tiny repairs and clean up as you go. Keep in mind that how you were as a tenant matters to your new Temecula CA property manager and landlord.

You can stay positive instead of exhausted on your moving day, if you plan ahead. Make necessary arrangements with your Temecula CA property manager or landlord so they can assist you in your move by preparing the apartment in advance.

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