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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

4 Time Management Tips for Temecula CA Property Managers and Landlords

4 Time Management Tips for Temecula CA Property Managers and Landlords

Managing a property can be quite stressful with all the tasks it requires. Taking control of your time is of prime importance. Check these 4 ways Temecula CA property managers and landlords can save time in doing their tasks.

Managing a property can be quite stressful, these are ways Temecula CA property managers can help you.

1. Don’t ditch the old school list
A list is still the best way to go if you want to save time. Have a complete list of all your tasks. Group similar tasks together as much as possible so you can tackle them at one time. When it comes to big tasks, you may want to start breaking them down. The next thing to do once your list is complete is to assign priorities to each. What must be done first thing in the morning or the next day? What can wait until the end of the week? List your tasks then prioritize them so you have something to refer to anytime.
2. Stick to your assigned priorities
Focus on one thing at a time. There may be days when complaints or requests for repair ring so frequently that you can’t focus on talking with a potential tenant for your Temecula homes for rent. Do not give in. Unless there’s an emergency, try to stick to the priorities you assigned on your task list. A routine is best to avoid getting distracted throughout the day.

3. Use the wonders of technology
There are a gazillion ways to remind yourself of your daily To Dos. You can use your phone and set up notes with reminders, have dates set in calendars with alarms, or try applications for your Temecula CA property management task list. In this wonderful age of technology, you can even do mobile banking to save you from the hassle of going to banks. Moreover, advertisements can be noticed online through different social media platforms. Make your life easier and discover what you can use.

4. Connect with people regularly, preferably during the morning
Studies have shown most people function best in the mornings as long as they are well rested. Take advantage of this and have regular meetings with your staff to review the things to be done for the day. Line up the list of people you need to coordinate with like builders, electricians, bank managers and others then give them a call before lunch time.

Have your applicant interviews scheduled ahead of time in the morning. Try to schedule regular rent collection or meet ups with tenants of your Temecula CA rentals so you don’t waste time. Talking with people takes time, schedule them at the most convenient time for you.

We all have limitations so it’s important to know when to take a break. Don’t forget to schedule that too. As Temecula CA property managers or landlords, time management is key to having the most things done in the most efficient way. Try these tips today to see the difference.

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